Local Helpful Numbers & Referrals

*Gas Company: 800.427.2200  

*Dept/Water/Power: 800.342.5397

* Painter/Handyman  Richard Gonsalez 310. 720.6983

* Escrow Vera Bates 310 696 0203

*Do Not Call list:888.382.1222

*LA Rent Control 866.557.7368

*LA Property Tax info.213.974.2111

*Recycling Hotline: 800.CLEANUP

* LA City "Special Pick Up" Free for large items: 800.773.2489

*Roofer:Michaels Roofing, Shawn.310.287.1668

*Plumber Mark Magill 310 902 2242.

*Building & Safety: 888.524.2845

*LAX: 310.646.5252

*Venice Library:310.821.1769

*Surf  Report:310.457.9701

I also have fabulous contacts for local Title Insurance, Notary,Contractors,Hardwood,Electricians,Plumbers,Painters Local Landscapers, Gardeners and more, so please don't hesitate to call me for these referrals.

It is with great pleasure to offer my clients referrals for all types of Loan refinance & Mortgage Needs: Just Contact me!

Thank you and please call me for any additional referrals, I have worked with The Best and also The Worst in LA and am proud to refer these to you today!!